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New launch condo details

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New launch condo details

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Singapore Condo Launch News!!
In the pipeline for launch in 2019 are about 60 projects. Several developers have already lined up previews in January, ahead of Chinese New Year on February 5.

They include Roxy-Pacific Holdings’ Fyve Derbyshire and RV Altitude; TEE Land’s 35 Gilstead (the former Casa Contendere); One Meyer by Sustained Land; and Jervois Prive (former Jervois Green) by a consortium led by the owner of Spring Court restaurant.

Meanwhile, bigger projects such as SingHaiyi’s The Gazania (former Sun Rosier) and The Lilium (former How Sun Park) are slated to launch after Chinese New Year.
The two biggest projects that will be rolled out in 1Q2019 are the former Normanton Park (1,882 units) and Treasure at Tampines (former Tampines Court), which will comprise over 2,000 units.

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New launch condo details – New Launch Condos in Singapore

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Any idea of what is the total number of houses in singapore at the moment? As in total number of HDB units, total number of Condominiums, total number of apartments and total number of landed houses?

Private Housing Statistics – Singapore2015: TOTAL NUMBER OF….
HDB/HUDC/EC/Terrace 992,742 (74%)
PTE APT/CONDO 275,485 (21% )
LANDED 72,595 (5%) Includes GCB 2,500


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