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Affordable condos for singles

Are you searching for Affordable condos for singles?

One opinion. One perspective. Finding a new home should be a piece of cake for singles! Yet, why is it so difficult for Singaporean Singles to find affordable condos? With modern day singles being increasingly wealthy and self-sustainable, it should not be this difficult for a strong and independent individual to find a new affordable condo to call home. With your average real estate advert constantly shoving information about the nearest primary school or day care center in your face, it is no wonder that it is difficult for singles in Singapore to find affordable condos that cater to their needs, budget and lifestyle. You all know what we are talking about, the ads plastered with the faces of smiling two parents two children families enjoying their evenings in front of the television As if housing schemes haven’t already made it difficult enough for singles to purchase new HDB establishments, does it really have to be this tough for singles to find affordable condos in Singapore?

Well, this is where The Tapestry comes in to fill the gap in the Singapore housing market. Singles looking for affordable condos in Singapore will now have to look no further for their next place to call home! With countless affordable condo units that promise luxury, space, and comfort perfect for singles looking for a new nest to rest in, The Tapestry gives you the epitome of privacy and comfort, whilst challenging the limits of conventional communal spaces you expect to find in your standard condo for the days you feel like opening up your home to friends and family. Whilst the cover of many developers feature playgrounds, smiling children and idyllic pools topped with child-friendly water slides, The Tapestry revolutionizes modern living, tying in traditional practicality with luxury and indulgence all neatly packaged in an affordable package for singles and families alike. With everyone, from local singles to foreign expats in mind, singles looking for an affordable condo no longer have to feel left out or marginalized by property developers. Finally, a condo that caters to the needs of single adults, was that too much to ask?

From hangout spots to host friends outside the personal space of your apartment, to facilities that support your mental and physical growth, the facilities The Tapestry condos house an environment that reflects your potential and ambition right back at you. As young singles, it is not unexpected that you need and deserve an affordable space to call home that provides a sanctuary to return to after a hectic day at the office, a productive space for the days you get blessed with the luxury of telecommuting, as well as a homely environment to maintain healthy relationships with your friends and family on the weekends. Going beyond your run of the mill function rooms and barbeque pits that you find in your average condominium, The Tapestry is home to a collection of luxurious facilities, your friends will envy your new place as much as you enjoy it yourself! So do yourself a favour and take this step into luxurious and affordable condo living. It’s true, singles do have more fun.

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