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Affordable new launch condos singapore

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Affordable new launch condo developments in Singapore, we managed to locate more than 25 new developments coming up for sale or already on sale in Singapore in 2019. Contact your New launch Condo Agent

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Affordable new launch condos singapore; New Condo Launch News - Buy Singapore New Launch Condo

Which ones are more affordable? It really depends on your financial capacity and the purpose of the purchase.

Considering buyer stamp duty, total debt serving ratio and repayment duration should be the math done before looking at a new home.

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Affordable new launch condos singapore: a look…

In 2019 there is a projected surplus of 10,000 units coming on to the market. If we add in those that have been on the market in 2017 and 2018, investors have many options for their new home or adding another asset to their rental income portfolio.

Why should I consider Affordable new launch condos singapore?

Affordable new launch condos singapore! Should I only consider the affordable new launch condo projects in Singapore? Before we answer that question, we should look at the future options when planning your financial assets.

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Some individuals would buy a new home to be near a new primary school for their young pre-primary school children. Some buy a new apartment for the facilities and privacy. Some buy property for rental yields and capital gains.

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Whether its for investment or own stay, consider the variables mentioned because any investment property would be a significant large cash outlay plus many years of financial commitment to the mortgage. However, the risk involved with property can be quite slim as majority of the masses are considering living in a better, well situated, fancier environment. In land scarce Singapore, owning a property then upgrading to a nicer place has been the unspoken Singaporean dream.

Be informed of Affordable new launch condos singapore!

New launch condos that are affordable allows investors upgrading from apartments built by the Housing Development Board (HDB) to purchase a private apartment. We have heard of people who bought their HDB homes, back in the 1980s and 1990s that have made significant capital gains on their first HDB purchase.

Most of them made a couple of times of their initial purchase price, thereby allowing them to enjoy large amounts on capital gains. Individuals who purchased their BTO after 2000s, would have made much lesser then our seniors. We can upgrade our property when we cash out from our BTO, taking the profit to use as down payment for the new condo.

Some investors buy the new condo purely in hopes to rent out for rental yields. But do some research on the location and the rental deals completed in the area, if you are interested to purchase the apartment.

With information obtained from the research, you will then have a better idea of how much rental the unit that you are buying, would be worth per month on the rental market. Do some math with your mortgage banker to make you are in a positive cash-flow monthly.

Affordable new launch condos singapore: In Summary, this is what you can do!

Keep yourself updated for measures the government is tweaking to debt servicing ratios and other property cooling measures.

With affordable new launch condo developments that are being built in Singapore, investors have too many choices. Consider your having a chat with your mortgage banker, real estate agent to find new condo launches that are within your budget.

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